Urgent Projects

Our Activities

Since our beginnings after our visit to Kenya in March of 2011, OKK has seen exciting new developments. We thought that we would be happy to be able to send a few pens and pencils to some needy children. Then our partnership with www.cleantheworld.org, www.neweyesfortheneedy.org, and www.empowerwomeninafrica.org, OKK is now sending recycled eyeglasses, recycled soap,shampoo,and body lotion, classroom decorations of wall posters, first-aid supplies, children's shoes, notebooks,crayons,markers, and now homemade washable,reusable sanitary pads to keep girls from missing classes each month. We are now assisting five schools, Majiwa Primary School, Majiwa,Kenya, Joyland Academy,Mbita,Kenya, Oleparieta Primary School, Narok, Kenya, Champion School, Kerugoya,Kenya, and ACTS Preparatory School & Centre, Nairobi,Kenya. We provided materials for the new Soccer Cheerleading Squad, at the Des Teens Center, Nairobi, Kenya, and provided team pencils from the Tampa Bay Lightning to ten additional schools in preparation for the Kenya National Secondary School Placement Exams.